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Random fat clown, any resemblance to some other famous clown is pure chance.
Today's fears have changed, we live with too many inputs, and a killer clown won't have the same effect now as in '86.
'Eat' will chase you and your gang loaded with burgers and dunkin donuts.
He has also been seen terrorizing people in the gym and in organic supermarkets,
no type of diet is safe this time...

• Casted in pigmented polyurethane resin.
• Original 3D design and creation.
• Numbered run, cardboard design and manufacture in our workshop.
• Not a toy. Not intended to be open.
• Not a toy.


*Piece measurements: 9 cm. / 3,5 inches.
*Cardboard measurements: 21,3 x 15 cm. / 8,3 x 6 inches.